Dixon Coffee Company

Kayleigh Dixon started working in coffee shops while a student at Black Hills State University and had a dream of one day starting her own coffee business. “It can be kind of intimidating,” she recalls. “Even though I majored in business management in college, doing it yourself puts it on a whole other scale. My husband, Christopher, gave me the push I needed and said, ‘You can do this.'”

Small Business Development Center Regional Director, Dona Leavens, at West River Business Service Center, gave Kayleigh and Christopher the business advice they needed to start Dixon Coffee Company, in 2014. “Dona was fantastic,” Kayleigh says. “She is a gem. She critiqued our business plan and went over what a prospective loan officer might ask us. She did the numbers for us, what our start-up costs would be and our break-even analysis. It was just a huge asset for us, and we’re grateful for her time.” According to Dona, the admiration is mutual: “They’re both very driven, and they’re very good people, and I think that’s part of the appeal of their business—it’s become part of the community. They focus on working with local vendors and selling locally-sourced products.”

Dixon Coffee Company has become a successful local business. Kayleigh says, “We’ve had a really great response and a very loyal customer base. We also have an awesome crew. It’s a great team with low turnover.” They have plans to expand the menu at Dixon in the near future and offer more food options, but when it comes to running a coffee business Kayleigh says, “I love the people the most. That’s what so great about coffee—it brings people together.”